ZSW vibrating feeder

  • Production capacity:96~560 t/h
  • Motor Power:11-22 kw
  • Shaft speed:800(r/min)


[Scope of application]: It is mainly used for continuous and uniform feeding to conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, and other equipment, which is used in automatic control system to realize the automation of production process.


[Product improvement]: the bottom plate of the feed tank adopts the form of “blind plate + bar screen”, which can pre-screen the small material in the feed 2, double eccentric shaft vibrator.

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Working principle

Vibration feeder exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts in a specific position with gear meshing, assembly must make the two gears mesh according to the mark, driven by the motor, so that the two eccentric shafts rotate, resulting in a huge synthetic linear exciting force, so that the body in the support spring for forced vibration, the material is the vibration as the power, sliding and throwing motion on the trough. So that the material forward to achieve the purpose of feeding. When the material passes through the sieve bar on the tank body, the smaller material can fall through the sieve bar gap, without going through the next crushing process, and the screening effect is achieved.

Project Introduction


The vibrating feeder has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, stable vibration, reliable operation, long life, easy maintenance and repair, easy to realize automatic control, etc.

The use of two-axis vibrator, linear vibration, feed at the same time to complete the screening process, improve the utilization of equipment, reduce the cost;

It can feed the coarse crusher continuously and evenly, and coarse screen the material at the same time.

Product Advantage

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Working Site

Technical Parameters

ModelFeed size     (mm)Capacity  (t/h)Power   (kw)Weight  (t)Slot size     (mm)Dimension  (L×W×H)(mm)

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