Rod mill

  • Feed size: 6-25mm
  • Output size :0-5mm
  • Power:22-210kw

⌈ Introduction⌋ :

Rod mill or grinding rod mill can be widely applied in some fields such as refractory, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass and some other industries that have the higher requirement on the uniformity of the finished product. The cylinder of the rod mill rotates at certain speed and the grinding body rises to certain height and then is cast in the action of friction and centrifugal force to make materials be impacted and ground, thus finishing the sand making process.

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1.Save energy

Compared with old machine, it can save 15% of power, the granularity of product is uniform.

2. Uniform discharging materials

Rod mill adopts advanced technology and changes point contact into line contact. Combined with customer’s materials, It makes discharging particle more uniform and has big capacity, suited for different ores.

Project Introduction


Rod mill adopts steel bars as the grinding medium in the cylinder, which is mainly used to smash all kinds of ores and raw materials, particularly a variety of brittle materials.

It is commonly used in ore dressing industry, machinery industry and chemical industry. Rod mill has many advantages such as high yield and uniform discharging size, which is suitable for different hardness of ores. Rod mill has dry and wet types to be chosen, customers can choose the appropriate type according to their actual conditions. Due to its grinding medium, rod mill is also called grinding rod mill and rod grinding mill.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of Rod mill

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Working Site

Technical Parameters

ModelCylinder Size  (mm)Cylinder Speed  (r/min)Capacity  (t/h)Power (kw)Feeding Size(mm)Discharge Port RangeBilliards VolumeWeight (t)
MB 0918φ900×180029-31.31.6-622≤250.16-52.34.2
MB 0924φ900×240029-35.42.9-1030≤250.16-53.15.3
MB 1224φ1200×240027-345.0-1337≤250.16-56.511.8
MB 1530φ1500×300026.5-29.56.0-2590≤250.16-511.518.2
MB 1830φ1830×300021.6-22.84.8-28155≤250.16-517.535
MB 2130φ2100×300019.2-2112.6-30210≤250.16-523.543
MB 2136φ2100×360019-2115.1-45245≤250.16-523.248
MB 2736φ2700×360017.2-18.525.0-75400≤250.16-54771.5
MB 2740φ2700×400017.2-18.527.7-90430≤250.16-55173.6

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