Gold electrolytic unit

  • Refining ability: 5-50kg/d
  • Electrolyte volume: 12-96L
  • Occupied gold: 1.8kg-14.4kg



The gold electrolysis unit of Henan Afuruica Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for gold refining with crude gold purity of more than 92%.



Production of various specifications and models of gold electrolytic cell, gold electrolytic rectifier cabinet, electrolytic machine, and other supporting facilities, including installation and technical training.

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The company’s gold electrolysis unit adopts an integrated and integrated design. The whole machine includes a single electrolyzer, a circulation pump, a rectified power supply, an automatic electrolyte replenishing system, an electrolysis flue gas condensation recovery system, electrolyte temperature, voltage, current, copper Exhaust temperature intelligent monitoring system and data recording system, the rectifier power supply is separately enclosed and isolated from the acid gas in the workshop, and has a long service life.

Project Introduction


1. Low production cost: about 0.02 yuan / g gold;

1. The cathode current density is up to 1000A/㎡;

2. Automatic control of electrolyte temperature;

3. Titrate and replenish liquid, keep electrolyte level;

4. According to the special needs of customers, secondary electrolysis can also be used to produce purity 99.999% of gold ingots.

Technical Parameters

ModelRefining abilityDimensionsElectrolyte volumeOccupied gold
HF-55kg/dabout 1800*900*1900mm12Labout 1.8kg
HF-1010kg/dabout 1800*900*1900mm24Labout 3.6kg
HF-2020kg/dabout 2200*950*1900mm48Labout 7.2kg
HF-3030kg/dabout 2200*950*1900mm56Labout 8.4kg
HF-5050kg/dabout 2200*950*1900mm96Labout 14.4kg

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