Bucket elevator

  • Processing capacity:15-470 m³/h
  • The feed size: <40 mm
  • Bucket distance(mm):203-688

Applicable materials:

raw materials, cement, coal, limestone, dry clay, clinker and other materials.

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Working principle

The hopper scoops the material from the storage bin below, and as the conveyor belt or chain is raised to the top, it flips down around the jacking wheel, and the bucket elevator dumps the material into the receiving tank. The transmission belt of the bucket elevator with belt transmission is generally made of rubber belt, which is installed on the transmission drum and the reversing drum. Chain driven bucket elevators are generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, installed on the transmission sprocket and the reversing sprocket.

Project Introduction


Bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granular, small block, small grinding or no grinding material, and the material temperature is controlled below 250℃. The elevator adopts inflow feeding and induced unloading, which is a kind of vertical lifting equipment widely used.

Product Advantage

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Large conveying capacity, high lifting height

The conveying capacity is large, the NE series lifting machine has more than NE 15-NE 500 specifications, the lifting capacity range is 15 ~ 470 m³/h, and the lifting height can generally reach 40 m.

Sealed design, safety and environmental protection

Bucket elevator has simple structure, low power consumption, small size, saving land area, operating in the fully closed housing, has good sealing, does not raise dust, avoid polluting the environment.

High quality parts, long service life

The ring chain of the hoist is forged by alloy steel, and is carburized and quenched. It has very high tensile strength and wear resistance, and long service life. The shell is hemmed and pressed in the middle, and then welded, with good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

Equipment composition

NE series plate chain bucket elevator is composed of running parts, driving device, upper device, middle housing and lower device.

Technical Parameters

ModelProcesing capacity(m³/h)Power                                               (kw)Lifting height  (m)Maximum Particle size

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