Ball mill

  • weight: 12-156T
  • Production capacity : 1.4-50 t/h
  • Power:45-1000kw

⌈ Introduction ⌋ :

Ball mill  is widely used in powder-making production line including cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics, etc.

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Working principle

The ball mill made by the Chinese ball grinder manufacturer is a grid shaped one made up of a horizontal type cylinder rotating device, gear drive and two cabins. There are two grinding modes: wet type and dry type. The discharging ways can be divided to grid type and over flow type. Ball mills are in many shapes: short drum one, long drum one, pipe one and cone shaped one.

Materials enter the first cabin of ball mills via the feeding device across the hollow shaft uniformly. In the first cabin, there is a ladder scale board or a ripple scale board with different steel balls which will be lifted to certain height in the effect of centrifugal force produced by the rotating cylinder. Then the balls fall to impact and grind the materials. After the rough grinding process, materials enter the second cabin through the single layer cabin separating board. There is a scale board with steel balls in the second cabin which will grind materials. The finished powder materials are discharged from the unloading plate, thus finishing the grinding process.

Project Introduction


Ball mill (also named grinding ball) is one of the most important grinding mills in the mining industry which is used to break all kinds of minerals and other materials in the industries of ore beneficiation, construction materials and chemical engineering.

There are two grinding modes: wet type and dry type. The discharging ways can be divided to grid type and over flow type. Ball mills are in many shapes: short drum one, long drum one, pipe one and cone shaped one.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of Ball mill

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Ball mill is mainly made up of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, rotating part(reduction box, small rotating gear, motor, electronic control). Hollow shaft adopts steel casting, and inner plate is replaceable. Rotary wheel adopts casted hobbling. Inside the barrel, it has wearable liner. Ball mill works very stably, and can choose dry ball mill and wet ball mill.

Working Site

Technical Parameters

ModelCylinder Size  (mm)Cylinder Speed  (r/min)Capacity  (t/h)Power (kw)Feeding Size(mm)Discharge Port RangeBilliards VolumeWeight (t)
QM 0912φ900×1200360.5-1.518.5≤200.074-0.414
QM 0918φ900×1800361.1-3.522≤200.074-
QM 0921φ900×2100361.2-3.515≤200.074-
QM 0930φ900×3000361.5-4.830≤200.074-0.42.66
QM 1224φ1200×2400311.6-530≤200.074-
QM 1228φ1200×2800311.8-637≤250.074-0.46.813
QM 1245φ1200×4500322-6.555≤250.074-0.45.513.8
QM 1530φ1500×300033.83-9.2110≤250.074-0.46.819
QM 1545φ1500×4500273.5-10110≤250.074-0.410.521
QM 1557φ1500×5700253.6-11130≤250.074-0.41324
QM 1830φ1830×300023.84-11.6130≤250.074-0.41025
QM 1836φ1830×360023.84.3-12155≤250.074-0.41232
QM 1845φ1830×450026.55.5-20185≤250.074-0.41735
QM 1864φ1830×6400256-17.1210≤250.074-0.42138
QM 1870φ1830×700022.56.5-18210≤250.074-0.42343
QM 2130φ2100×3000235.1-15180≤250.074-0.41332
QM 2136φ2100×360023.86.2-17210≤250.074-0.41645.8
QM 2145φ2100×4500237.2-21245≤250.074-0.42052.6
QM 2170φ2100×7000238.2-25280≤250.074-0.42165
QM 2236φ2200×360021.78.2-26245≤250.074-0.417.542.8
QM 2245φ2200×450021.79.5-27280≤250.074-0.42246.5
QM 2255φ2200×55002110.1-28245≤250.074-0.43018.5
QM 2265φ2200×650021.712.1-30380≤250.074-0.43552.8
QM 2275φ2200×75002114.5-31380≤250.074-0.43356
QM 2290φ2200×900021.515.2-32280≤250.074-0.44461.8
QM 2430φ2400×300020.68.2-20245≤250.074-0.43059
QM 2436φ2400×3600219.2-25280≤250.074-0.42161.8
QM 2445φ2400×45002110.6-30380≤250.074-0.42665
QM 2465φ2400×65002112-42475≤250.074-0.43872.7
QM 2470φ2400×70002114-43475≤250.074-0.44176.7
QM 2475φ2400×75002116-45475≤250.074-0.44478.9
QM 2410φ2400×100002118-50680≤250.074-0.45894.5
QM 2411φ2400×110002122-58680≤250.074-0.46499.2
QM 2413φ2400×130002125-65800≤250.074-0.475115.2
QM 2736φ2700×360020.712-35380≤250.074-0.42682
QM 2740φ2700×400020.715-38380≤250.074-0.42985
QM 2745φ2700×450020.718-42430≤250.074-0.43397
QM 3090φ3000×90001922-80680≤250.074-0.4109168.6
QM 3012φ3000×120001926-90800≤250.074-0.4134196.3
QM 3245φ3200×45001835-120800≤250.074-0.465137
QM 3645φ3600×45001745-160850≤250.074-0.490158
QM 3660φ3600×60001750-2001250≤250.074-0.4110175
QM 3685φ3600×85001845.8-2561800≤250.074-0.4131252
QM 4050φ4000×500016.945-2081500≤250.074-0.4121203
QM 4060φ4000×600016.965-2481600≤250.074-0.4146218

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