Roll crusher

  • Feeding size: ≤ 500mm
  • Production capacity : 20-380 t/h
  • Motor Power:15-60kw

⌈ Application scope ⌋ :

For mineral processing, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, building materials and other industrial sectors, fine crushing of high and medium hardness below ores, rocks and refractory materials.

⌈ Applicable materials ⌋ :

Limestone, quartz stone, pebbles, coal gangue, coal, etc.

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Working principle

When the crusher works, when the material enters the crushing chamber of the machine, the material is subjected to the biting force of the rotating roller, so that the material passes between the two rollers, and is also subjected to the rolling and shear grinding of the roller, the material begins to crumble, and the small particles after fragmentation along the tangent line of the roller rotation, through the gap between the two rollers, and are thrown down the machine. The large particle material that exceeds the gap continues to be broken into small particles and discharged.

Project Introduction


The double-roller crusher drops the crushed material between the two rollers through the feeding port for extrusion and crushing, and the finished material falls naturally. When there are too hard or unbreakable objects, the rollers of the double-roll crusher can automatically retreat by the action of hydraulic cylinders or springs, so that the gap between the rollers increases, and the extremely hard or unbreakable objects fall, thereby protecting the machine from damage.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of roll crusher

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

The adjustment of discharging particle: It has wedge or gasket adjusting device, and on the top of wedge has adjusting bolt. when adjusting bolt draws up the bolts, wedge can separate active roller from fixed roller, so that the gap between two rollers is bigger and discharging port is bigger. When wedge moves down, the gap between two rollers is smaller. Gasket device can adjust the discharging particle through the number and thickness of gasket. When adding the number of gasket, the gap is bigger, otherwise, the gap is smaller.

Technical Parameters

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ModelRotor Size  (mm)Capacity  (t/h)Power   (kw)Feeding Size(mm)Discharge Port RangeDimension  (L×W×H)(mm)Weight (t)
2PG 400×250φ400×2505--105.5×2252--82150×980×8001.3
2PG 610×400φ610×40013--4015×2302--303510×1420×10304.6
2PG 450×500φ450×50020--5511×2302--253260×1560×9803.2
2PG 500×750φ500×75025--6018.5×2502--254210×1630×12606.5
2PG 600×750φ600×75030--7522×2502--304505×1780×13207
2PG 700×900φ700×90040--9030×2502--305310×2175×15959
2PG 900×900φ900×90050-12037×2502--305310×2385×169512
2PG 900×1200φ900×120060-16045×2502--356290×2410×229021
2PG 1000×1500φ1000×150080-22075×2602--357460×2410×249029
2PGC 400×250φ400×25020-455.5×210015-752150×980×8001.5
2PGC 610×400φ610×40020-7515×220015-1253510×1420×10304.8
2PGC 450×500φ450×50040-10011×230015-1253260×1560×9803.5
2PGC 500×750φ500×75050-12018.5×235015-1254210×1630×12606.8
2PGC 600×750φ600×75070-15022×240020-1504505×1780×13207.4
2PGC 700×900φ700×90080-18030×240020-1505310×2175×15959.5
2PGC 900×900φ900×90090-22037×250030-1505310×2385×169512.6
2PGC 900×1200φ900×1200100-24045×250030-1506290×2410×229021.8
2PGC 1000×1500φ1000×1500140-30075×260030-1807460×2410×249030.1

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