Trommel screen

  • Feeding size: ≤90mm
  • Production capacity : 20-200 t/h
  • Motor Power:3-11kw

⌈ Application range ⌋ :

Classification and screening of materials such as quarry, sand and gravel field, coal industry, chemical industry, mineral processing industry, etc.

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Working principle

In order to improve the screening efficiency, the speed of material moving in the trommel screen should not be too fast, otherwise it will cause insufficient and incomplete screening. Therefore, the trommel screen generally has a strictly specified installation inclination angle. Generally speaking, the angle is 5°. In actual situations, adjustments can be made as needed.

The drum section is connected to the trommel screen turntable through nuts and screws, so the installation and disassembly of the drum section is more convenient. Since the drum segment is connected with the turntable, when the turntable rotates under the drive of the driving device, the drum segment also rotates together.

Project Introduction

Equipment composition

The trommel screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a frame, a sealing cover, and a material inlet and outlet. The cylinder is generally divided into three sections, each section is 80 cm long, 60 cm in diameter, and the apertures are 13 mm, 50 mm, and 200 mm respectively. The sieve components of the first section are mainly fine particles of coal ash, soil, etc., as well as fine metal particles; the sieve components of the second section mainly include small bricks, stones, some plastics, paper, etc.; the third section The sieve components of the section include paper, plastic, bamboo wood, rubber, etc. Depending on the specific situation, the sieve holes are arranged from small to large, and the sieve holes on each section have the same aperture.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of Trommel Screen

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost


Drum sieve is also called cylinder sieve. It is a kind of machine widely used in sorting technology. It is used for grading and screening of medium and fine materials. Separation operation; it can be used for the mutual separation and screening of sand and gravel in the sand and gravel field; it can be used for the screening of bulk materials and powder materials in the chemical industry and coal industry.

Working Site

Technical Parameters

ModelCylinder Size  (mm)Cylinder Speed  (r/min)Capacity  (m³/h)Power (kw)Mesh Size(mm)Feeding Size(mm)Number of screen segmentsDip(°) AngleWeight (t)
GTS0820φ800×2000328--3032--20Mesh Size×2.51--264
GTS0830φ800×30003210-5032--20Mesh Size×2.51--363.9
GTS1030φ1000×30002512-6042--20Mesh Size×2.51--364.8
GTS1040φ1000×40002515-8042--20Mesh Size×2.51--466
GTS1230φ1200×30002016-1005.52--20Mesh Size×2.51--369.5
GTS1240φ1200×40002018-1205.52--20Mesh Size×2.51--4613
GTS1250φ1200×50002020-1405.52--20Mesh Size×2.51--4613.8
GTS1530φ1500×30001720-1205.52--20Mesh Size×2.51--3619
GTS1540φ1500×40001722-1507.52--20Mesh Size×2.51--4621
GTS1550φ1500×50001725-180112--20Mesh Size×2.51--4624
GTS1560φ1500×60001725-200112--20Mesh Size×2.51--4625

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