Powder separator

  • Capacity:14-240 t/h
  • Fineness :8-10 %
  •  length:1.5-3m

⌈ Application⌋ :

Widely used in milling, cement, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors.

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working principle

Optimize the structure of the powder selection area and improve the efficiency of powder selection
The powder selection area is re-optimized to enlarge the space range, and the main space is fully utilized to increase the material-air ratio, which can increase the output of the open flow mill by 60%-80%, and the powder selection efficiency can reach 80%-85%.
Dust-proof and shock-absorbing design, easy to operate and maintain
The dust-proof and shock-absorbing fan is used, equipped with a shock-absorbing machine base, which can be directly supported by a steel frame. The installation is particularly convenient, the system investment is low, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.
Equipment composition
The powder separator is mainly composed of shell, wind guide vane, rotating impeller, cone bucket and other parts.

Project Introduction


The powder classifier is mainly used for the classification of raw materials or clinker in cement plants, and forms a circular circulation grinding system with a ball mill.

Through the continuous innovation of our factory's technology, the practice has proved that the machine has good sorting performance, reliable and convenient fineness adjustment, high powder selection efficiency, convenient installation, and small maintenance.

Easy fineness adjustment, high product quality

The main shaft of the powder classifier adopts stepless speed regulation, the fineness adjustment is convenient, sensitive and reliable, and the adjustment range is wide; the particle size distribution of the finished product is concentrated, the particle gradation is more reasonable, and the product quality is obviously improved.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of Powder Separator

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Working Site

Technical Parameters

Product Fineness(%)2--52--52--52--52--52--52--52--52--52--52--5
Air Volume(m³/h)1800022900278506802095000107500120000150000170000200000230000
Spindle Power (kw)5.57.511--1515-18.522303745557590
Fan Power (kw)22303755-7590132160220250315355
MAX Capacity(t/h)5490120150210250330390480550700
Capacity  (t/h)15-2020-3030-6060-8080-120100-150180-220200-250220-300250-350300-400

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