• Capacity:200-3000 t/d
  • Number of putts :4-24
  • Power:4-37kw

⌈ Application scope⌋ :

Commonly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, cement and other industries of roasting.

⌈ Applicable materials⌋ :

Cement, active lime, red limonite, chromium, nickelite, refractory, etc.

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Working principle

Materials are imported from the top bin of the vertical preheater into the preheating chamber of the vertical preheater body through the feed chute. At the same time, under the action of negative pressure generated by the induced draft fan at the tail of the kiln, the high-temperature flue gas produced by calcining at the tail of the rotary kiln is drawn to the inside of the preheater. When the high-temperature flue gas about 1000℃ passes through the material, it exchanges heat with it and preheats the material to more than 800℃. Then the hydraulic push device arranged around the preheater successively pushes out the preheated material. Most of the heat of the high-temperature flue gas passing through the material layer is absorbed by the material, and the temperature of the discharged flue gas is about 240℃, thus completing the whole heat exchange process. Each hydraulic push device uses a separate hydraulic cylinder to drive the heat-resistant steel push head to work, and the PLC control system can adjust the interval time between the push head and the push time of the push head itself to accurately control the feed amount. Finally, through the feeding chute and transfer chute into the tail of the rotary kiln for calcining.

Project Introduction


The preheater is a device connected to the rotary kiln, which can shorten the length of the rotary kiln on the premise of improving the fuel efficiency of the system.

The preheater is connected to the transmission chute, which is both the channel through which the high-temperature gas of the rotary kiln is transferred to the preheater and the channel through which the material is transferred from the preheater to the feed port of the rotary kiln.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of preheater

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

High quality parts, long service life

The key parts of the preheater push head and body are heat-resistant steel, which can work normally at a high temperature of 1000 ~ 1100℃ and has a long service life.

Good sealing, high thermal efficiency

Preheater refractory brick lining structure design novel, good sealing, thermal efficiency increased by 40%, can ensure that the material in the preheater uniform preheating and preheating temperature.

Efficient recovery of heat, green environmental protection

The preheater can effectively recover the heat taken away by the flue gas emission at the end of the kiln, improve the fuel utilization rate of the system, and is also conducive to dust removal, safety and environmental protection.

Working Site

Equipment composition

1.Preheater upper feeding system

Upper feeding system: mainly includes upper silo, discharging chute, silo support and structure. Ensure that when feeding the preheater body to achieve a safe seal, so that the outside cold air can not enter the preheater, and the feed can be continuous or intermittent feed with the help of the bar valve.

2.Preheater body

Preheater body: It is the most important part to ensure that the material is preheated to more than 800 ° C, and it is composed of preheating chamber, suspension device and firebrick lining (which does not belong to the equipment design and manufacturing scope). Most of the structure of this part is metal components, some materials according to the need to choose heat-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel can work normally at 1000~1100℃ high temperature. In addition, the lining structure of refractory brick has novel design and good sealing, which can ensure that the material is evenly preheated in the preheater and reaches the preheating temperature.

3.Preheater push system

Pusher system: mainly includes pusher head, lining bracket, balance beam and connecting rod, etc. Pusher head is cast of heat-resistant steel, which can withstand high temperature. With the help of electronic control and hydraulic system, each hydraulic pusher can achieve sequential push according to automatic control program.

4.Lower feeding chamber

Lower feeding chamber: mainly includes feeding hopper, transfer chute, etc., the main function is to preheat the material into the rotary kiln for calcining.

Technical Parameters

Capacity  (t/d)2003004005006008001000
Feed size(mm)10-5010-5010-5010-5010-5010-5010-50
Capacity  (kw)18.518.52225253445
MaterialsofpusherRefractory steel

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