• Track length: 4860mm
  • Total length: 10716mm
  • Walking speed: 5.8km/h


Excavator has become one of the most important engineering machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of excavators are: operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.


210kW high-power reserve engine, power upgrade;


220KN shovel digging force, easy to control under heavy load conditions.


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Product Features

1. New shape
The new generation of family-style F series has a new appearance, the whole machine is majestic and powerful, and more mine elements are added to the shape design, which is beautiful and powerful.
2. Reliable and durable
The heavy-duty working device is supported by 36t-level die forgings; the 36t-level chassis system doubles the reliable and durable bearing capacity of the four wheels
3. Comfortable operation and convenient maintenance
A new generation of cab, interior upgrades, electrical upgrades, improved sealing.

Project Introduction


Excavators, also known as excavating machinery, also known as excavators, are earthmoving machines that use buckets to dig materials above or below the bearing surface and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to the storage yard. The materials excavated by excavators are mainly soil, coal, sand, and soil and rock after pre-loosening.

Product Advantage

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Technical Parameters

Machine working weightt32.8
Shovel Capacity1.7
Maximum torqueN·m/rpm1080/1500
System pressureMpa34.3
Pilot pressureMpa3.9
Swing speedrpm11.42
Walking speedkm/h5.8/3.6
Climbing ability°35
Fuel tank capacityL520
Maximum digging heightmm10330
Maximum unloading heightmm7280
Maximum digging depthmm7010
Excavation depth (2.44m level)mm6840
Boom lengthmm6150
Total lengthmm10716
Total heightmm3490
Total widthmm3190
Track lengthmm4860
Track widthmm3190
Track shoe widthmm600

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