Hammer crusher

  • Feeding size: ≤ 1200mm
  • Production capacity : 5-500 t/h
  • Motor Power:11-240kw

⌈ Application scope ⌋ :

Widely used in mineral processing plant, refractory material factory, cement factory, glass factory, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial departments for fine grinding medium hardness materials, can be used for dry, wet two forms of crushing.

⌈ Applicable materials ⌋ :

Granite, basalt, limestone, pebble, cement clinker, quartz stone, bauxite, construction waste, salt, brick, coal, etc.

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Wide Applications

Hammer Crusher is a must-have machine in wide range of fields like mining, quarrying, and construction industries.

Working principle

Hammer crusher mainly relies on impact energy to complete the crushing of materials. The material enters the crusher, suffers the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer head and is broken, the broken material, obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head, rushes to the baffle and screen bar in the frame at high speed, at the same time, the material collides with each other, is broken many times, the material less than the gap of the screen bar is discharged from the gap, and the individual larger material is broken on the screen bar again by the impact, grinding and extrusion of the hammer head. The material is extruded from the gap by the hammer head to obtain the product of the desired size.

Project Introduction

Product Composition

Hammer crusher can be divided into single rotor (single shaft) and double rotor (double shaft) two kinds. The single rotor can be divided into two types: irreversible and reversible. According to the number of hammer rows, it can be divided into single row type and multi-row type. The hammer crusher can not only be used in the stone production line, sand production line, but also in the mineral processing line to replace the cone crusher.

Product Advantage

Characteristics of Hammer Crusher

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Wear-resistant hammer, easy to install

Machine working hammer head, casting with new technology, wear resistance and impact resistance. The hammer head is easy to install, and the hammer head can be edged off by the boot cover when damaged and replaced, and the workload of overhaul and maintenance is less.

Sealed structure, safety and environmental protection

Constantly optimize the production process and technology, the use of sealed structure, one feed crushing molding, with large output, high efficiency, small power, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics.

The discharge particle size is self-regulated

Users can independently adjust the discharge particle size according to their own needs, coarse, medium, fine, complete specifications, and the finished product particle size is uniform and clear, saving the crushing cost of materials for users.

Equipment composition

The hammer crusher consists of a box, a rotor, a hammer head, a counterattack liner, a sieve plate and other components.

Technical Parameters

ModelFeed size     (mm)Capacity  (t/h)Power (kw)Discharge Port RangeFeeding Size       (mm)Dimension  (L×W×H)(mm)Weight (t)Hammer Head
PC 200×3001001--45.5≤10250×2101100×340×1200(J)0.29×2.5kg
PC 240×4501005--77.5≤15310×2701200×400×1200(J)0.4516×2.5kg
PC 310×5201007--1015≤15365×2851400×500×1350(J)0.4516×2.5kg
PC 400×3001005--1011≤10460×320950×670×8600.816×2.5kg
PC 600×4001206--1518.5≤15500×3601200×1050×12001.520×5kg
PC 600×6001508--2222≤15500×3801280×1050×12001.824×5kg
PC 800×60018015--3555≤15680×4201310×1180×13103.124×10kg
PC 800×80020020--5075≤15720×44201410×1180×13104.228×10kg
PC 1000×80020030--6090≤15880×4201550×1350×15705.928×15kg
PC 1000×100020040--80110≤151080×4601800×1590×17758.6532×15kg
PC 1300×120025080-200240≤191280×5202060×1650×189013.632×20kg

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