Diesel burner

  • Model:RLS28
  • Flow(g/h):8/14-25
  • Total Power(kw):0.53


Fuel and compressed air generate a large number of oil-filled steam bubbles through the bubble atomizer, which are fully mixed in the mixing chamber and ejected. Due to the relatively high pressure difference, blasting atomization is realized. Stabilize the oil mist fire to achieve low oxygen combustion.

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Practical features

1. Reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution;

2. Fuel oil (bio-oil, heavy oil, diesel, alcohol-based fuel, etc.) as fuel, clean and environmentally friendly;

3. High combustion efficiency, gasification combustion mode coupled with multi-level air distribution design, combustion efficiency of more than 98%;

4. Simple operation: automatic ignition, temperature control, no manual;

5. Wide range of applications: suitable for a variety of domestic and industrial boilers.

Project Introduction

Scope of application

1. Used in boilers to burn steam and boiling water: such as garment factories, catering industries, etc;

2. Applied to powder drying production line;

3. Applied to zinc-aluminum alloy die casting industry;

4. Used in all kinds of thermal energy equipment, such as road construction, asphalt heating heat conduction furnace, food oven, air conditioner heater, snow sweeper, garbage incinerator, hot air producer and various general boilers.

Technical Parameters

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Modelcombustion power(kw)calorific value(Mcal/h)flow        (kg/h)total power  (kw)Power     (kw)

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