Three drum dryer

  • Capacity:13-70 t/h
  • Rotation speed:8-10 rpm
  • Outer diameter: 1-3 m


1. Three drum dryer can improve 48% heat efficiency;

2. We can adjust the moisture of final products;

3. Compared with single-cylinder dryer, three-cylinder dryer reduces 50% of floor area;

4. The investment of three-cylinder dryer is 1/6 of foreign products. We adopts alloy steel plate, more wear resist than traditional steel plate;

5. Fuel is suited for anthracite, soft coal, gangue, oil, and steam. It can dry 20-40mm of lump material, particle material, powder material.

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Wet materials are fed into the inner drum of the three drum dryer, scattered by the lifting blades, and dried by co-current hot air inside. When the materials move to the middle drum from the other end of the inner drum, they go against the hot air inside. In this process, the wet materials absorb the heat not only from the inner drum, but also from the counter-current hot air inside the middle drum. In this way, the optimum drying effect is achieved due to longer drying time.

Project Introduction


Three drum dryer is also called three-cylinder dryer, whose main body is composed of three concentric circles of different diameters in inlaid combination. It is mainly used for drying granular material with certain humidity and certain particle size range, such as sand, molding sand, slag, cinder, fine-grained clay, high temperature resistant and dusty particles. The moisture content can reach 5 - 15% after the drying process.

Three drum dryer is widely used in building materials industry, metallurgy industry, ore dressing industry, chemical industry, cement and other industries. It is suitable for drying slag, limestone, quartz stone, clay, sand, coal, iron, slag and other admixture; dry mixed mortar, yellow sand and bentonite in construction industry; waste slag, concentrate and tailings in chemical industry;  coal slime, raw coal, flotation coal concentrate and mixed coal in coal industry.

Product Advantage

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Technical Parameters

ModelOuter cylinder diameter(mm)Outer cylinder length(mm)Cylinder Speed(r/min)Shell(m³) cubageCapacity (t/h)Highest inlet air temperature(℃)Main motor power(kw)Weight   (t)

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