Mobile screening station

  • Screen length: 4800mm
  • Screen width: 1500mm
  • Driving power: 15KW


For accurate screening of gravel, sand, aggregates and recycled materials, Mestar mobile crushers are used in conjunction with multi-stage crushing and screening operations.

1. Excellent screening ability;
2. Intelligent process control;
3. Complete spare parts and screen support.

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Product advantage


HF1548 mobile screening station has a screen surface that can be quickly replaced to meet the needs of different materials, high production capacity and low fuel consumption. It has a large screen surface and excellent aspect ratio screen box, high screening rate, and uses a vibration motor as the excitation source without transmission. loss, stronger excitation force, larger amplitude, simpler and more convenient maintenance and repair, and riveted screen frame, which reduces welding stress and avoids vibration cracking problems.



Product introduction


Afuruika mobile screening systems are equipped with heavy-duty frames and proven components to ensure a long service life even in the most demanding screening conditions. The Africa mobile screening system allows a wide and accurate selection of the ideal product particle size to be screened.

Mobile screening systems equipped with heavy-duty frames and proven components guarantee a long service life under the most demanding screening conditions

Product Parameter

Model specificationsHF1548HF1860
Screening machineScreen length4800mm6000mm
Screen width1500mm1800mm
Number of screen layers33
Driving power15KW22Kw
Drive formHydraulic/motorHydraulic/motor
Feeding beltBelt size1000*40001200*4300
Under-sieve beltBelt size1200*55001500*6000
The whole machineDrive formDiesel + hydraulicDiesel + hydraulic
Total powerCUMMINS 90KwCUMMINS 125Kw
Weight (tons)2835
Maximum throughput400tph500tph
ConfigurationStandard configurationManual controlManual control
Optional configurationDual power, side conveyor belt, iron removerDual power, side conveyor belt, iron remover
Scope of applicationFine material screening, recycling applications for broken rock, sand and gravel

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