• Wheelbase (mm):3400mm
  • Rated load capacity: 5.8t
  • Unloading distance:1380mm


The whole machine is matched with Hanfa’s self-developed 2-speed electronically controlled gearbox for pure electric loaders, with fast shift response and an 8% increase in transmission efficiency; The high-torque travel motor directly drives the gearbox, cancels the torque converter, and increases the transmission efficiency by 20%; Matched with Culvert’s self-made reinforced drive axle, it has a strong bearing capacity and is more suitable for heavy-duty working conditions; The travel motor can realize stepless adjustment from zero speed to the highest speed, and the whole machine starts smoothly with small impact.


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Product details

The whole machine adopts an integral and fully sealed cab, which is noise-reducing, dust-proof, heat-insulated, and has a wide field of vision. It is equipped with high-performance seats, heating and cooling air conditioners, reversing images, LED headlights, etc., making the driving environment warm in winter and cool in summer; The operation of the working device adopts electro-hydraulic proportional control, with smaller operating force and higher comfort; the joystick integrates horn, FNR, and gear switching functions, making fingertip operation more convenient.

Project Introduction


Loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydro power, port, mine and other construction projects, it is mainly used for shoveling soil, sand, lime, coal and other loose materials, but also for ore, hard soil and other light shoveling and digging operations.

Product Advantage

  • High ratio of crushing
  • Even final size, -Simple structure
  • Reliable working condition
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Technical Parameters

performance parameter
Working mass (kg)18500(282kwh)/19400(350kwh)
Maximum unloading height (mm)3220
Unloading distance (mm)1380
Maximum digging force (kN)185
Triple sum (s)9.5
Traveling motor power (kW)100/200
Overall dimensions of the whole machine (mm)9160*3020*3440
walking performance
Forward speed (km/h)F1:0-13,F2:0-33
Reverse speed (km/h)R1:0-13,R2:0-33
Chassis system
Wheelbase (mm)3400
Battery capacity (kWh)282/350
Rated bucket capacity (m³)5
Rated load capacity (t)5.8

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